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Russian Hacking Accusations Sours Russia-US Relations

20 Oct

Russian Hacking Accusations Sours Russia-US Relations

In the age of cloud computing for everything from picture storage to banking, cyber security is one of the most important security issues on the international stage. The recent hacking allegations against Russia, not to mention the internet being used as a recruitment tool for ISIS terrorist cells, points to a new kind of war.
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Technology and Terror: How Tech is involved with Modern Terrorism

13 Oct

Technology and Terror: How Tech is involved with Modern Terrorism

The scourge of terrorism has been with the world for centuries, but the 21st century has seen an almost unprecedented resurgence in hateful, murderous behavior. Unfortunately, in many ways the technological revolution brought about by the advent of the internet and personal computers has facilitated this rise, in four particular ways. Continue reading

Resetting The Balance Between Marketing Work And Real Life

28 Jun

Resetting The Balance Between Marketing Work And Real Life

Hopefully, your marketing work in 2016 is off to a roaring start. You don’t want to experience burnout in the next few months, though! It’s important to keep your professional life from overwhelming your personal one, and everyone on your team has a similar need for a good work-life balance. Here are some good general principles to help you strike a balance between work and life that maximizes productivity and minimizes stress. Continue reading

Blackberry Releases New Crisis Communications Platform

8 Jun

Blackberry Releases New Crisis Communications Platform

AtHoc, a division of Blackberry recently released an updated version of their crisis communications platform. This new version brings additional capabilities with it allowing customers, including the Pentagon, more pre-planning resources and automated processing of activities related to crisis communication. Continue reading

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