David Firester is the founder and CEO of TRAC Intelligence (Threat, Reporting, and Analysis Consultants), which is a premier threat analysis firm. TRAC Intelligence provides threat assessments to the private sector.

David is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science and teaches at Baruch College in New York City.  In 2016, David worked on a project for Jihad Intel, which is an organization that provides information on Islamic terrorist groups to law enforcement and the general public.

As a veteran and former Intelligence Analyst with the United States Army 3100th Strategic Intelligence Group (Defense Intelligence Agency), David has been involved at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of analysis.  David has also served in the law enforcement community since 2004, and has worked for entities as diverse as the DHS-funded New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center (NJ ROIC).  His work there centered on intelligence analysis and policy review.

He has a rich background in policy, international security, national security, domestic security, counter terrorism, counterinsurgency, law enforcement, and domestic laws related to terrorism.

David Firester’s Security Forum is a free, publicly available tool, which aims to summarize complexity and provide insight in areas as diverse as security, intelligence, politics and policy.

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