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Protesters extinguish Olympic torch

2 Aug

Protesters extinguish Olympic torch

With less than a week to go before the Rio Olympics kicked off, protesters were nearly constant in Brazil’s two largest cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Things got so bad at one point that protesters last week blocked the Olympic procession, grabbed the torch and extinguished the flame. You know, the Olympic Flame, the one representing brotherhood and competition and unity that’s never supposed to go out? Yeah, they snuffed that one. If they were looking for international headlines, they got them.

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It’s Time For The Olympics To Tie Into Everything

18 Jul


The Olympic Games are nearly here, and that means it’s time for the Big Brands to do their best to connect with the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza. It’s already popping off across NYC as top brands from Coke to Samsung try to be the first in and make the biggest splash.

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Good news for Olympic fans

13 Jul


The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics and Paralympics have faced difficult issues, and the PR in most cases could not be much worse. First, Brazil is right in the heart of the worst of the Zika virus scare area. And that scare has been bad enough that even some of the athletes are willing to walk away from a once every four years opportunity – and because the athletic life of a competitor could easily come to an end before another four years passes, that might mean the end of any Olympic dreams for those walking away. Still, to some, the risk is great enough that they are doing just that.

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